"Best State Champion Team Song" Contest

Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Bar Association

Philadelphia, PA is associated with many of our nationís historically significant people, buildings and events. To name just a few, Ben Franklin, Independence Hall, the constitutional convention, and American Bandstand! Music is as much a part of our countryís history and development as is our government and legal systems. Music helps us connect to each other, it communicates ideas and feelings, it helps us celebrate special moments, it can teach us about life, it demonstrates our patriotism and unites us, and sometimes itís just fun to sing and dance!

This year we are inviting each of the state champion teams to write their own song. Sing about your how much you love mock trial and if you want to get even more creative, include a group performance of your song. This will be a fun way for teams to show their team, school and state pride. Working on the words to a song and performing it are great ways to unwind or take a mental break from preparations for the national championship. It can help remind teams of the reasons they love participating in mock trial, the skills that are important, legal concepts, and their journey to this point, including plans for winning the national championship title! Maybe the chorus becomes a tune your team uses to calm nerves or build team spirit. So start humming a catchy tune, add some clever phrases and get moving as you perform your new team song.

To enter the contest, make an audio or video recording of your teamís performance. You can just sing the song (audio only) or you can design a whole performance around the song (video). Involve your schoolís technology, media or music department to help support your performance and recording efforts. The song writing has to be done by the mock trial team and all members of the mock trial team have to participate in singing/performing the song (i.e., you canít write the song then get your music teacher or just one person from the team to sing it) but if you need help with the technology or musical end of things, what a great way to involve more of your school and fellow students. The potential is only limited by your own creativity. Have fun with this.

The top three songs/performances will be selected and asked to perform during the Opening Team Reception/Pin Exchange event on Thursday, May 6th at the 12th and Market Marriott Hotel. The winning team song will be announced and the award presented during the event.

Official Contest Guidelines and Rules (pdf file)

If you have questions about the team song contest, please contact Susan Etter at susan.etter@pabar.org